30 Day Social Life Boot Camp by Nadine Riopel

30 Day Social Life Boot Camp

Let superconnector Nadine Riopel guide you on the path to support, friendship, and the social life you deserve.

What's included?

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Everyone needs a network, even if they hate networking. We can help.

You deserve a supportive web of connections to help you be happier, healthier, and more successful. You don't deserve to be subjected to awkward mixers and pushy salespeople. At the We Hate Networking Club, we help people build networks according to their unique personalities, strengths and situations. Connections and relationships are mandatory. Mingling, on the other hand, is optional.


What if I miss a day?

If you miss a day, that's ok! You won't lose anything by doing two  or more of the tasks on the same day to catch up, or you can just skip the task for the day you missed and jump back in when you're able. Although the 30 Day challenge is based on the idea that a small task done each day will build up to big results, each task is not dependent on the one before it. If you miss one it will not prevent you from doing the subsequent ones just fine.

What if I have questions about a task?

Hey, we're not perfect. Maybe one or more of the tasks we give you will simply not compute for you; maybe we won't explain it well. If that ever happens, just reply to the email that's not making sense and we will be happy to work with you until you feel able to go ahead and do the task. That's what we're here for.

Why don't I see anything under "content"?

The Podia site allows you to see the content of any course, and this one looks like there's only one text file. You might be wondering what is up with that.

It's because this course is not organized in modules with files and links. Instead, it's delivered to your inbox with one simple email a day. Each email contains a short task for you to complete. Together, they guide you through a process that will build your social connections in incremental bits that add up to big results. But they do not appear as content on the Podia sales page.