Everyone needs a network, even if they hate networking. We can help.

You deserve a supportive web of connections to help you be happier, healthier, and more successful. You don't deserve to be subjected to awkward mixers and pushy salespeople. At the We Hate Networking Club, we help people build networks according to their unique personalities, strengths and situations. Connections and relationships are mandatory. Mingling, on the other hand, is optional.

Network where you think you can't: Part 1

Although it's easier and more comfortable for us to stick to our own 'kind' as we build our networks, it can also be very limiting. This course is an introduction to networking in environments and with people who are different from ourselves to enrich and strengthen our social circles.
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30 Day Social Life Boot Camp

Are you ready to amp up your social life? 30 days, 30 dollars, 30 small tasks that will add up to big results. In just 5-10 minutes a day, you can see a dramatic increase in the quantity and quality of your social interactions. Take the challenge today.
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#1 Networking Hack: The Host Mentality

Find out how to use the famous Host Mentality technique to improve your mingling skills at events, AND build your credibility with existing contacts. It's our favourite hack.
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Introduce Yourself Quickly and Effectively

Many of us struggle with how to best answer the most common networking question: "So what do you do?" This short course will show you how to use a great hack for this problem, the We Hate Networking technique for creating quick and effective introductions.
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Networking for Introverts

You deserve a supportive web of good connections, even if you're not an outgoing social butterfly. Introverts can and do excel at networking by capitalizing on their introverted qualities. Take this short course to learn how.
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Find Your People

You're not looking for just anyone to add to your network - you need the RIGHT people. The big questions are: 1. Who are they? 2. Where are they? Get the most bang for your networking buck by getting clear on where and how you can connect with the right people for YOU (hint: it might not be at networking events). We're here to help with this medium length course including custom course videos, plus a variety of input from marketing and networking experts.
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